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The 3rd Indonesia International Conference on Communication (Indo ICC) 2015

The 3rd Indonesia International Conference on Communication


Call for papers
2015 Indonesia International Conference on Communication (IndoICC)
Thursday-Friday, 10-11 December 2015
Abstract Deadline: 30 September 2015

The way in which human beings communicate have gone through drastic transformation since the innovation and adoption of digital media. The increase in interconnectivity that this technology has enabled disrupts in power structures and relations, which can be seen in recent spectacles of global terrorism and the toppling of authoritarian regimes. These developments pressure researchers and academics to rethink the role of media and communications in these settings of rapid social transformations.

There seems to be an unnecessary dichotomy in the Asia Pacific media and communication scholarship between ‘old and new media’, ‘structuration and agency’, as well as between paradigms. The theme ‘Communication and Collaboration’ attempts to explicate this paradox, and better understand what might seem as developments heading in contradictory directions.

A vast array of issues may fall within this concern, and participants are encouraged to send in panel abstracts that fall within the theme. As the conference theme deals with fluid concepts of communication as well as the media’s role within different power relations, panels will be developed based on emerging themes of the papers submitted by participants.

The 3rd IndoICC will take place in Universitas Indonesia, West Java, 10 km from Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta. Scholars studying issues on communication and media, coming from various fields of discipline and countries across Asia Pacific is invited. We stand firm on the principle that media and communications is an academic field crucial in our understanding of larger socio-political and economic context. It is a field inseparable from the intermingling of the local and the global, and informs us on our contemporary position in the current world order. Therefore, IndoICC is aimed to accommodate a multidisciplinary approach towards understanding the role of media in our contemporary regional society.

Through IndoICC 2015, there will be two streams: International and National. In the ‘International’ stream, participants are invited to submit and present papers for a global academe, while the ‘National’ stream facilitates Indonesian professional researchers and academics to submit and present papers for an Indonesian audience. IndoICC2015 participants from both streams come from different academic disciplines such as media studies, communication science, international relations, political science, sociology, cultural studies, anthropology, psychology, economics, architecture, and many others.

We believe that the theme of the conference, Universitas Indonesia as the institution hosting it, and Indonesia as one of the largest countries in the region, provide significant benefits for diplomatic and non-profit institutions to be part of the event. Through IndoICC 2015, the Department of Communications is keen in building longstanding and sustainable cooperation that could extend beyond the event.


Key Dates:
Abstract Submission Deadline: September 30th 2015
Selected Abstract Announcement: October 7th 2015
Early Registration: October 8th – October 15th 2015
Late Registration: October 16th – November 3rd 2015


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