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Abstract Submission Guidelines

Abstract Submission Guidelines

1. Every individual from scholars, regulators, to practitioners is allowed to participate in 2015 Indonesia International Conference on Communication (INDO ICC) by registering themselves and submitting their original abstract.

2. The abstract submission must contain :

-Abstract title
-Author name, institution, and position
-Short biography of author (max. 100 words)
-An abstract (max. 200 words)
-Key words of abstract (max. 5 words)

3. The abstract must be saved in Microsoft Word format (.doc, .docx) with the subject : International/National_Abstract_Name_Home Organization

4. The abstract must be sent to registration@indoicc2015.org (DEADLINE OF SUBMISSION : September 30TH 2015)

5. The stream of presenters will be primarily differed by the language used in the abstract submission. The use of English in abstract submission will automatically lead the individual to be classified by the committee into international stream. On the contrary, the use of Bahasa in abstract submission will be on the national stream.

The Selection Pocess

All abstracts will be reviewed by a team of scholars from the Department of Communications, Universitas Indonesia with a diverse background of disciplines. The review process will select a hundred of quality abstracts to be presented in the 2015 INDO ICC. The selected abtracts will be announced on Wednesday, October 7th 2015 through personal e-mail. The criteria of evaluation is:

-Working paper that has not been published by a scholarly journal
-Original paper with no elements of plagiarism, including self-plagiarism
-Offers scholarly contribution to ongoing debates in the field of communication and media in the Asia-Pacific region

Full-Paper & Proceeding

Presenters are encouraged to submit papers that are potential for future publication with a strong Indonesian readership: Jurnal Komunikasi Indonesia. Authors have the option to publish their papers as well in the 2015 INDO ICC proceedings.


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